B - Sides

The band B-sides is the evolution of the music journey of a company of friends that started at the end of 1999. After approximately 5 years of live gigs, live club appearances and song recordings that group broke up.The two guitarists and bass player decided to continue with a new drummer and no s...

Elliniki Skini Compilation

www.elliniki-skini.gr portal in co-operation with B-otherside records present Elliniki Skini Vol.1 compilation.

Monkee Wonkey

Nick Savvi aka Dj Monkee started playing progressive sets at parties in Cyprus in the year 2000.

Sun of Greece

Sun Of Greece were formed in Germany by three Greek expatriates and one German in 1972.

Sotiris Komatsioulis

Sotiris Komatsioulis  is one of the best kept secrets of the early 70s Greek psychedelic eraSotiris Komatsioulis  is one of the best kept secrets of the early 70s Greek psychedelic era.

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About B - Otherside Records

As admirers and collectors of records from the Greek scene, in 1994-95 we began listening to anything that caught our attention and unfailingly collecting all records from the 80’s and 90’s being attracted by the warm analogue sound and the black grooves.  December of ’08 found us in a strange phase being tired of saying that everything flows slowly and reluctantly in the microcosmos of the Greek scene and decided to take things in our own hands to the degree at least we could.

Searching the net for a name to baptize our record company/label, our first choice was B-Sides and of course we bumped into our friends from Patra, Greece.  Listening to their songs we managed two in one: we established our record company as B-OtherSide records and we knew what our first project was going to be which we adored. 

lostarchivesAlong with the fresh today’s  sound which we listen to unfailingly, we had one more hobby: the inventory of Greek bands from the dawn of Greek rock, meaning from 1963 and onwards, in order for a complete encyclopedic presentation in one book eventually to result.  After such quests, we got a hold of anecdotal recordings from the 60’s and 70’s which on numerous occasions left us speechless due to their unique nature and believing in the value of their presentation, the little brother “Lost Archives” was born. 

bothersidedigitalThe last stop on this constructive journey is the newly born “B-OtherSide Digital” which will produce some modern releases on CD’s.  Our main goal though is to focus and stress on vinyl records and responding to the calling of our time, our efforts are aimed on finding the most affordable solutions without compromising quality.  Furthermore, our plans include the collaboration with other popular Greek labels in the near future.  Until then, return to the analogue magic!  Vinyl is back!
Friendly regards,

Translation by Jim Dilly-Deligiannis

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