Babis Papadopoulos

The guitarist in the group TRYPES. He has composed many of the songs of the group (Edo, Krata to show maimou, Giorti, Kenourgia Zali, etc) whereas the sound of his guitar as well as the way he plays has been one of the main characteristics of the sound of the group.

Until they stop playing, in 2001, Trypes record 7 albums (6 in the studio and one live).
Since 1992 he has been a member of " Loxi Falagga", N. Papazoglou's band, following him in his concerts.
In 2000 his orchestration in Thanaais Papaconstantinou's album "Vrachnos Prophetis" creates an innovation in Greek discography as the album manages to give a new contemporary approach to the Greek song, combining the sound of Thanasis Papaconstantinou with the rock psychedelic sound as well as with improvisation and experimentation. The specific album was voted as one of the best albums of the decade.
In 2001 he participates in the album of Giorgos Christianakis' "Thyroros", playing the guitars.
In 2002 he orchestrates and plays in Thanais Papakonstantinou's album "Agrypnia", when he establishes Laikedelika, the band which plays in the concerts of Thanasis in the two following years.
In the same year he orchestrates and plays the guitar together with Socrates Malamas in his album "Ena".
In 2003 he starts cooperating with the well-known saxophonist-clarinetist Floros Floridis. This cooperation results to the album "Fictional Lies On Right Occasions" which is released by jnd records.
In the same year he participates in Giorgos Christianakis' album "Paraxenes Istories".
In 2005 he orchestrates and plays the guitars in Socrates Malamas' "To adeio domatio".
In the summer of the same year he composes the soundtrack for Nikos Grammatikos' film "Agrypnia".
In September 2005 he starts instructing in the Folk and Traditional Music Department of the Technical Institute of Epirus where he works until today as a regular member of the laboratory instructing staff of the Institute.
In the autumn of 2007 he composes the music for the play "The Dream of the twelve days" written by G. Theotokas at the Child Scene of the National Theatre of Northern Greece.
In the spring of 2008 his first personal album is released with the title "Skines apo ena taxidi". The album is instrumental and all the pieces are played with guitars (either acoustic or electric). It constitutes a journey to the sound scenery from Greek folk music to the rock and avant-garde music of New York.
At the end of 2009 the album "Well Anything can happen" is released by the same record company. It is a cooperation with Floros Floridis and Nicky Skopelitis (Material, Bill Laswel etc). The album is clear improvisation.
Since 2010 he has been a member of the group "Chimerini Kolymvytes".
At the beginning of 2010 he composes music for the theatrical performance "Eric-Edward-Richard" that is on by the Experimental Scene of the National Theatre in Athens.
In the spring of the same year his second personal album is released by Puzzlemusic entitled "Ap' tin spilia tou Drakou". The album includes guitar arrangements of rebetika songs of the '30s and four original intermedia he plays on the piano together with Giorgos Christianakis.
Since December 2010 Babis Papadopoulos has started giving live concerts. Members of his band, apart from himself who plays the acoustic guitar, are Fotis Siotas on the viola, Michalis Vrettas on the violin, Dionysis Makris on the contrabass and Dimitris Vlachomitros on the bouzouki. In these concerts they present the pieces from his two personal albums orchestrated especially for the particular band. This constitutes a contemporary approach to Greek music through a combination of the sound and colour of folk music, contemporary harmony and avant-garde jazz improvisation.


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