Bent By Sorrow

Bent by Sorrow were founded at 2012 and with their friends' help, they self-release their first Cd-EP "Same crew, different sails". From 2015 the band's line up was changed one more time and after some auditions , their final line up are:
Dim Arap –Vocals (ex No Mind)
Giannakis Dimi –Guitars (ex Anasa-Stahti,Anaviosi, Mary Ann Nichols, Mindtrap 97, Bad Luck Souls)
Dimitris D.E. –Bass (ex Stenosi, Eispneontas Fovo,Deadend)
Vanx P. – Drums ( ex Anaviosi, Viomihaniki Aytoktonia,Anthropinos Lithargos,Anatellon Tromos)

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