Life in Cage

They started in 1984, with Hristos Skordylis (guitar), Theofilos Tsiolakakis (bass, vocals) and Manolis Romenis (drums). Romenis quit shortly after, on account of his studies. Tsiolakakis came up with the name, from a text  by Genesis P-Orridge fromThrobbing Gristle titled "The Lion In A Cage", found on the back cover of the album "Thirst" by Clock DVA
A self-titled tape was released, in 1985, having the honour of being the first release from Lazy Dog Records. The band had by now added Babis Argyriou (organ, guitar, vocals), Yiorgos Kyriakos on drums (who had already been part of International Comedy και Mushrooms as a guitarist) and Kosmas Alexiou (bass). On two tracks from this tape, "Νεκροψία" and "Fall (In A Basket Full Of Snakes)", Λάζαρος Πλιάμπας (from International Comedy, Proxies, Flood, Γκρόβερ, Ροδάμα, Ντίνος Σαδίκης) guested on drums.
Following the departure of Theofilos Tsiolakakis and with Babis Argyriou on vocals, the band recorded the tracks "Inactive" and "Maybe Some More", which were included in the tape-compilation "Give Bees A Chance" (1985). The track "Mediocrity", by Babis Argyriou's  short- lived group Never Ending Story, was included in the same compilation. Babis Argyriou later recorded the instrumental "Αιμομιξίας παιδιά λατρεμένα", as "Απόντες Φίλοι". It was included in the tape-compilation "Never Trash A Pretty Face" (1986).

Following the departure of both the drummer and bass player, Skordylis and Argyriou tried to keep the band going, adding new members, but their attempt was not successful.

Life After Cage

Hristos Skordylis (guitar), and Theofilos Tsiolakakis (bass, vocals) formed "Delirium" and recorded the track "Χαμένα Αισθήματα", for the tape-compilation "No Dogs Fly Here", on Lazy Dog. This band was also disbanded after a couple of years. A French lady liked some of their tracks from a rehearsal, and she released them as a self-titled tape, in a limited edition of 50 copies, on her label Paranoiac Activity.

Babis Argyriou adopted various roles in his continuous involvement with music, including radio shows. He created the fanzine "Rollin Under" and run a record store with the same name. He also continued his relationship with Lazy Dog, with many releases on vinyl and cd by various Greek and foreign bands. The internet magazine MiC followed, from 2000 until the present day. He has recently issued two music-related novels on Mic Books, "Έχω όλους τους δίσκους τους" (2013) and "Προτιμώ τα παλιά τους" (2015).

Kosmas Alexiou became the owner of a record store in Thesalloniki, which he still runs.

Hristos Skordylis participated in many bands, mainly Candy Cover and Sunsteps, in which he was also a founding member. He has written music for documentaries and has created a comprehensive archive of his songs.

In January 2014, Theofilos Tsiolakakis started a project called Mean Flow, recording tracks that have been released digitally on Bandcamp and by the English label digitalDIZZY. Mean Flow have also appeared n many international digital compilations. He has also cooperated with musicians from all over the world and, in a more permanent fashion, with Pineal Neuron Trauma andSpiral Flow.

In 2018, Vinyl Mania from Thessaloniki released the recording of their first tape on vinyl, in cooperation with the Athenian label B-Otherside Records.

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