The Answer?

THE ANSWER? was formed in the middle of 1995 when Lefteris (drummer) the founder member of nowadays historical band Middle Fingers (Lazy Dog Records) and Kostas (Bass) also member of Middle Fingers from that year onwards, while they were found to stay permanently in Alexandroupolis, they decide alongside to form another band.
Therefore, in early 1996, Kostas take over the electric guitar and vocals with Lefteris holding his position on drums while recruiting a friend Alekos on bass (member of various bands in the border city), perfecting a dynamic trio called " THE ANSWER? ".
After many rehearsals, booze, love and a variety of honorably set lists recorded in their own studio in form of cassettes, they managed to perform live along with many popular bands from those years, such as White Symphony (Λευκή Συμφωνία), Ache In Silence, Tsopana Rave (Τσοπάνα Rave), Goulag (Γκούλαγκ) and the legendary band Dead Moon (USA) on their last tour. During time, a new guitarist named Ilias was added, implementing the release of their first D.I.Y distributed self-titled album in late 1999. The journey holds eleven years.
In 2007, the band decided to take a break. After seven years of musical quests, the dynamic trio comes back, adding now Giannis as their new guitarist, combining their musical experiences in order to continue their journey which left behind. The flame is resurrected, with the band having, among other gigs, some extraordinary appearances supporting bands such as UNIVERSE 217, BATTLEME (USA), MR HIGHWAY BAND, NAXATRAS, HAT TRICK (et al), to actively participate in the Aza Records collective, presented in the collection of "A Call to Instruments vol.3", in view of the upcoming release of their second album titled "... And It's Already Tomorrow" on January 2019 in vinyl by B-otherside records

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