B - Sides

The band B-sides is the evolution of the music journey of a company of friends that started at the end of 1999. After approximately 5 years of live gigs, live club appearances and song recordings that group broke up.The two guitarists and bass player decided to continue with a new drummer and no s...

Elliniki Skini Compilation

www.elliniki-skini.gr portal in co-operation with B-otherside records present Elliniki Skini Vol.1 compilation.

Monkee Wonkey

Nick Savvi aka Dj Monkee started playing progressive sets at parties in Cyprus in the year 2000.

Sun of Greece

Sun Of Greece were formed in Germany by three Greek expatriates and one German in 1972.

Sotiris Komatsioulis

Sotiris Komatsioulis  is one of the best kept secrets of the early 70s Greek psychedelic eraSotiris Komatsioulis  is one of the best kept secrets of the early 70s Greek psychedelic era.

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BSR 114 Nurse of War "Είς τόπον χλοερόν"
Nurse of war
"Είς τόπον χλοερόν"

"Athens disco punk all the way! Nurse of War is one more of those cases that I just HAD to shout about despite my zero free time and I did so again on this blog when I had discovered their incredible 2-track single Σιδηρά Παρθένα.

BSR 113 Addart " Fuckface"



B-otherSide records present at vinyl format the first album of Addart, titled "Fuckface".

BSR 107 Maria Papageorgiou "Mnimi"
Maria Papageorgiou
Mikros Erotikos under the production’s supervisor of B-otherSide records,
BSR 110 Γουρούνια στο Διάστημα "Εκεί που ο χρόνος δεν υπάρχει"
There are no translations available.

Γουρούνια στο Διάστημα
"Εκεί που ο χρόνος δεν υπάρχει"

Η Β-οtherSide Records θα διανείμει το νέο άλμπουμ βινυλίου των Γουρούνια στο Διάστημα με τίτλο "Εκεί που ο χρόνος δεν υπάρχει" .

BSR 109 The Answer? “ …And It’s Already Tomorrow”

The Answer
" ...And It's Already Tomorrow"

B-Otherside Records supported by Aza Records Collective, proudly presents the new album of punk veterans "The Answer?" titled
"...And It's Already Tomorrow" which includes 11 rock dynamites with  musical elements of melodic punk, the alternative-indie sound of the '90's and "a spark" of today's pop punk.

BSR 108 The Airboys "Flight to the land of Rock 'n' Blues"

The Airboys
"Flight to the land of Rock 'n' Blues"

The Airboys band make a start at 1965, at the 115th Air Force Battle Wing (Souda) and they became the first modern beat group of Crete (Greece). At 1967 they recorded their extremely rare 7'' single with the tracks " I feel alone/ Hathikes (You get lost)" and at 1970 the group disbanded.



After a series of critically acclaimed commissioned work, group projects and feature interviews, comes the debut album Here by FEF, the audio and visual project of Greek artist and musician Aristomenis Theodoropoulos. Comprising seven works of candid, clouded folk music arranged and presented alongside seven paintings with elements of figurative art and symbolism, the album expands on the elusive point where personal experience and musical heritage intersect.

BSR 099 Three Way Plane "Your kingdom,my life"

Three Way Plane
"Your kingdom,my life"

B-otherSide records in collaboration with Overloaded recordings, Sweetohm Recordings and Mr. Vinylios Record Store, proudly presents the indie- post hardcore trio of Three Way Plane, at their second full lp in vinyl format.

BSR 098 Life in Cage "Life in cage"

Life in Cage
"Life in cage"

B-otherSide Records in collaboration with Vinylmania Records, proudly presents the Post Punk/Dark Wave album of "Life In Cage", at 200 hand numbered vinyls. Life In Cage were formed in 1984 at Thessaloniki (GR) and after some changes at group's line-up, they finally recorded at June of 1985 their only, self-titled album, which was also the first release of Lazy Dog Records, in tape format.

BSR 097 Usurum "Μη και δεν"
There are no translations available.

"Μη και δεν"

Η B-otherSide records  με χαρά ανακοινώνει την επιμέλεια στο νέο άλμπουμ των Usurum "Μη και δεν". Χτισμένο πάνω στα ηχοχρώματα που ξέρουμε και αγαπάμε, ανακατεύοντας την folk με την παραδοσιακή και την έντεχνη μουσική, προέκυψε αυτό το νέο άλμπουμ, το οποίο κυκλοφορεί σε 300 κόπιες βινυλίου, οι οποίες περιέχουν cd και ένθετο με τους στίχους.

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