BSR 10 Dimitris Karras & Skull and Dawn "Thnitario"
Dimitris Karras & Skull and Dawn
The CD ‘’thnitario’’ (the easily destructible human nature) contains 7 songs of the songwriter Dimitris Karras in collaboration with Skull & Dawn band + 10 tracks from vinyl ‘’Oi sxizophreneis den xasmouriountai sxedon pote’ (Schizophrenics almost never yawn) (300 copies - sold out).

The 7 songs are in lyrics and music by Dimitri Karras , orchestrated in the dark, folk - country (americana) vein of Skull & Dawn band under the supervision of the young producer K.Stergiou (misuse).
A dark album with the participation of Helen & Susana Vougioukli and Charalambos Garganourakis in the song "Psychoragoun oi thalasses" (The seas are in the agony of death) which has already begun to stand out in the live performances of the songwriter. The art work was edited by Niki Mousadakou



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