BSR 026 Socos and Τhe Live Project Band "Urban Guerilla"
Socos and The Live Project Band 
(Urban Guerilla)
2 LP
The album ‘’Antartiko Poleon’’ of Socos & The Live Project Band has just been released on vinyl by B Other Side Records.
The fourth album of Socos & The Live Project Band, which until now was only available as a free download directly from the site of the band, has been released in a double vinyl gatefold cover limited edition. The 150 first copies are colored.
The release of vinyl coincides with the completion of a cycle that finds the band into indefinite suspension of activities (hiatus).
The ‘Antartiko Poleon’ album was recorded in the winter and spring of 2011 and the mixes were completed in the summer of 2011. In the autumn of the same year the digital version (free download) also appeared. The recordings were made exclusively with physical instruments and without any additional digital depth. This has resulted in great immediacy to the sound of the album. The pursuit of the band were the album tracks to retain their lyricism, if there is, while aggression. The fourth side of the vinyl version contains 4 remixes on tracks of the album, that  were not included in the free download version.
The remixes are:
- H poli xorevei (The city dances) (remix by Christos Alexopoulos)
- 22 (remix by George Priniotakis)
- Erythrophobia (remix by Alexis Bolpasis)
- 22 (remix by Socos)
An album - manifesto that, with the directness of its lyrics and the ingenuity of its music, constitutes a mirror of our times.
The Members of Socos & The Live Project Band in this (probably) swan-song are:
Socos (guitar), Marinos Tziaros (vocals, percussion and blimplikoeidi), Dimitri Antoniadis (drums), Sunday Vorgias (bass), Babis Antoniou (guitar) and Maria Latsinou (voice).
In the track «Party» participates Thekla Tselepi (voice)
The album was recorded at Artracks studio: Sound engineering mixing: Alexis Bolpasis. Mastering (also from Artracks studio): George Priniotakis.
Production: Socos, Bolpasis, Priniotakis
The artwork was edited by Kyriakos Vorgias
GreekEnglish (United Kingdom)