BSR 05 - Monkee Wonkey - "I want to disappear"

monkeewonkyMonkee Wonkey 
I want to disappear


I want to diasappear is the first complete album of Monkee Wonkey which is based in Nicosia Cyprus in 200 hand numbered vinyl records.
The music was created between 2004 and 2009 and it was inspired by a long period of experimenting through hardware and software synths and drum loops.

Monkee Wonkey is mostly an experimental project that invites instrument players to join and the album features collabaration with nomads Rasrobindennis and Charlie
guitar and didjeridoo. Street  parties are coming up also and the aim is for all Monkees to join in and  contibute to the fusion of the moment by using all available instruments or objects around them challenging the limits of musical expression.

Enjoy the music and join the Monkees Wonkeys experiment experience!!

Links for Monkee Wonkey :

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