BSR 032 Compilation "Sintagi Anti Thanatou"
"Sintagi Anti Thanatou" (Anti Death Recipe)
B-otherSide Records proudly presents the re-pressing of two vinyl new wave/punk compilations which change the fate of the greek punk-new wave scene of the mid’80’s. It’s about the Διατάραξη Κοινής Ησυχίας ( Disturbing of Common Peace) and the Συνταγή Αντι-Θανάτου ( Anti-Death Recipe) which sounds so fresh, even for our days. The Συνταγή Αντιθανάτου ( Αnti-Death Recipe) was made under the Mihalis Koumpios (from historical new wave Koumpotrypes  band) and participated the best of the new wave and punk scene of this era, with bands such as ANTI, Clown, Enallax, Koumpotrypes AE, Scoria, Mess, Arnakia , Paranyxides) .The release will have an extra fold out 11” X 11” insert with original photos and bio’s, written from the bands especially for this release and there was made a new mastering, especially for the vinyl release. The first 300 copies will come in white color vinyls and the rest 200 in classic black. 
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