BSR 06 Digital - B-Sides ''Story without end'' cd

story without endB-Sides   
Story without end 

After the release of two 7” singles “Queen” (2008) and “Kill” (2010) and the intense airplay of “Forest” which stayed on the Top 5 chart of Rock FM for three weeks, it’s time for the first complete recording project of B-SIDES, a new rock group from Patra, Greece, with “Story Without End”.


An album that resulted after many months of work, demanding recordings, lots of patience and even more tenacity.  In “Story Without End”, B-SIDES resist the notion of solitary hits and propose a complete album listenable from beginning to end with 10 songs enlisted in the service of a total style, with a uniform musical and lyrical result.  In this effort they received help from friends.  Tilemahos Tsardakas wrote lyrics for the opening and closing tracks of the album and Alexandros Logout from the band “The Place Within” participated with his exceptional vocals in one song.  The released CD is supported  by Rock FM 96, 9.

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