BSR 044 Stress "Sound of insecurity"


"Sound of insecurity"


Stress have started working along  with B-otherSide records on the “Sound of insecurity” album from the first days of the 2013, in order to have ready the album’s repress. This edition is now ready and is celebrating  the 30th annual from the making of the first release, back in 1984.The album will be released at 16 of December, with new tratement , mix and mastering at 1000 copies, from which the first 400 comes in black vinyl, the next 400 in white vinyl and the last 200 in a Box Set. This will contain a clear vinyl album , one t-shirt with the artwork of the outersleeve of the album on the front and the Stress badge on the back and also  a pin. Τhe unique artwork of the Box Set have been made by Panos (Takis) Skordas, which have also made the original artwork for the “Sound of insecurity” album, back in the 1984. Finally, all the copies will include a 4-page insert with the lyrics in greek and an English translation ,along with the band’s photos.

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