BSR 07 - Ellinki Skini ''Vol.1''

elliniki skiniElliniki Skini           
LP portal in co-operation with B-otherside records present Elliniki Skini Vol.1 compilation. A unique comic is designed exclusively for the edition’s front page by Petros Zervos, one of the greatest Greek sketchers. Most probably, this is the first time in the history of Greek discography that a comic is used in an album’s front page instead of a sketch.


A very promising group of young artists and bands, that yet have no record circulation, participates in this compilation, which combines a vast area of distinctive musical genres of the Greek Musical Scene such as rock, hip-hop, electronica, indie-pop, rockabilly, punk, etc.
The compilation is circulated in 350 numbered copies from which only the 300 will be available for sale.

The 12 groups and artists included in the LP:

  1. Venus in Furs - Scars
  2. O Akalestos – To kouki (The bean)
  3. Unholy Union – Gi (Earth)
  4. FlyByWire – To aggigma tou Mida (The touch of Midas) 
  5. No Batter - Α little story
  6. Andreikelos (feat. Gadfly) – Chirovomvida sto laimo (Grenade at the neck)
  7. South Off - Child's play
  8. Hypnelia - To make you mine
  9. Indiependents - Without you
  10. Katrin The Thrill - You make me wanna die
  11. Decomposer - Most Desired
  12. Crazed - Death Bet

Links for Elliniki Skini :

FlyByWireTo aggigma tou Mida (YouTube)                                  
Ο Ακάλεστος To kouki (YouTube)
Unholy Union
Gi (YouTube) 
No BatterΑ little story (YouTube)

Andreikelos - Xeirovomvida sto laimo

Decomposer - Most Desired

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