BSR 049 George Mourtos "Etude"

George Mourtos

B-otherSide records proudly presents George's Mourtos  new release, titled "Etude" , in an enchanged cd which can be played either to cd players in order to join the music, either to pc / dvd players in order to join the videoclips of the album. George Mourtos after a long period of participation to the New York jazz scene,making a lot of recordings and live gigs along with famous musicians (Robby Gonzales ,Robby Ameen,Joe Ascione ,Kevin Parlor, John Williams, Bryant Wilder, Edy Martinez, The Latin Jazz Coalition , Χρήστο Ραφαηλίδη), decided to return to Greece and he creates "Etude". By his own words : "This is an Etude of all the musical influences and vocabulary that i was  able to accumulate through the years and now express in my own unique voice."

You can join a jamming of George Mourtos along with Robby Ameen and Jimmy Branley at the legendary 59th street studio, at the spring of 2000 :

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