BSR 053 Apognosi "Two minutes before"

"Two minutes before"

Apognosi (Desperation) formed in Athens in October 1984 was one of the lesser known Greek hc/punk bands from mid 80's that was i...nfluenced by UK bands like Disorder and Chaos UK. Their one and only official release was their contribution on tape compilation "What 's going on inside my head" together with 13 more bands from all over the world, put out by Swedish fanzine "Fetvadd" in 1985. Some of their songs were released on an unofficial split tape with Adiexodo, too. On this LP we have collected all of their studio recordings, 9 songs in total. Also, we have added a full live show from 1985. The four-page insert will include a biography, lyrics in Greek and English and of course many unpublished photos, coming in 300 black vinyls.

GreekEnglish (United Kingdom)