BSR 054 Areti Ketime/Lampis Xylouris/M.Pyrovolakis/D. Karras "Come to my position/The sweatshops"

Areti Ketime/Lampis Xylouris/Manos Pyrovolakis/Dimitris Karras
"Come to my position/The sweatshops"

B-otherSide records presents the 5th single from the Gerodopeismata series, which contains 3 unique folk-tradiotonal singers, trying their voices in new songs.

At the A' Side there is a vocal collaboration between Areti Ketime and Dimitris Karras  named "Come to my position" (Ela stin thesi mou)  and the b-side is named "The sweatshops" ( Ta katerga) and it's been performed from the Cretan singer Lampis Xylouris, while an other famous Cretan musician Manos Pyrovolakis is playing the Cretan lyre . It cames at 300 limited vinyl singles.


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