BSR 09 - Venus In Furs ''New Horizon''

venus in fursVenus In Furs
New horizon  

For a long period of time, Venus In Furs was believed to be the lost binding bond between post-punk and new wave music of Greece. Despite however, their exceptional appearances and their 3 demos, recorded from summer 1985 until their final split in 1993, their only musical inheritance was the extremely rare album “New Horizon”, in 10 copies!! The limited number of copies resulted due to numerous technical sound problems that lead to the discontinuance of the album’s production.

Twenty years after this first edition, B-otherside records is pleased to represent this masterly missing album that incorporates gothic sound, post-punk and new wave with harmony and aptitude. The sound mix and the elaboration of songs were prepared by the two founding members of the group, an attempt that indicates their reformation.
The 250 numbered copies of the LP contain a two-page colored inset along with the band’s photographs of period 1985-1989, as well as a full biography and a two-page black and white inset with lyrics and the six original hand made posters. Furthermore, the package includes a numbered reprint in A4 size of one of these posters.

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New Horizon


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