BSR 059 Mpampis Stokas/the Bandallusia band "Low voice"

M.Stokas/The Bandallusia band/P.Ramantani/T.Kappos/L.Yiannopoulou/Atofios
"Low voice/In the town's opium den/Fake laughs/Theathinai"

The Gerodopeismata Single series have reached the 6th release, for the first time with an Extended Play single which contains 4 new tracks.

The A' Side is splitted between Mpampis Stokas ( ex Pyx Lax) and his song "Low Voice" and the Bandallusia band with their track " In the town's opium den". The B' Side consist from a song from Penny Ramantani ( ex Onar band) and Theologos Kappos named " Fake laughs" and finally the song "Theathinai" which is been performed from Lola Yiannopoulou and the rapper Atofios (aka Nickos Hristofidis). There are made 300 limited singles and official release date will be at 1st of December.
You can check the "Fake laughs" song here : 

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