BSR 073 Petros Thetokatos "This is what it burned"
Petros Theotokatos
"This is what it burned"

Petros Theotokatos with his band, presents his 7th studio album, called "This is what it burned". The album contains 9 tracks which were recorded live with his band in the studio. Among them, there is a poem of Kostas Karyotakis ( Like a bunch of roses) and an electronic ballad , which was interpreted from Kostas Parissis (ex Ypogeia Revmata).
All the lyrics, music and production are made from Petros Theotokatos, with the band's help.
Band members are : Yiannis Kokkinos (bass), Oscar Gallore (drums).
Mixing and Mastering was made by Petros Theotokatos with the Kostas Parissis precious help, at Studio Praxis.
The release comes is 150 hand numbered vinyls, including a cd with the album tracks plus 2 unreleased tracks and a two page insert with the song's lyrics.
You can hear all the album' tracks here :

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