BSR 087 Stathis Ntovas "Newborn stubble"

Stathis Ntovas
"Newborn stubble"

Stathis Dovas with his ethos and his singing style restores the process of song writing back to its primordial roots. Despite his young age, his sharp lyrics and his doric melodies conceal an enormous maturity and a questioning that emanates from the social environment and refers to every facet of our lives. With this kind of work, an unsaid bond is being born that imparts the early work of Dionisis and Panos Savvopoulos, the social protest song and the punk movement, to a fresh and conceivable continuity of artistic sensitivity.
A flaming work such as this couldn't go unnoticed, thus B-otherSide records is pleased to present it in the form of vinyl, accompanied with cd and a two-paged printed insert, in 150 numbered copies.

You can hear the full album here :

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