BSR 094 The Sex-pir "The Sex-pir"

The Sex-pir
"The Sex-pir"

B-otherSide records proudly presents the Sex-pir, the band that exist just before the Sun of Greece band. Based on the composing abilities of the founders Psomas brothers ( Michalis & Stefanos) they were activated mainly in Germany, between 1966-1969, released 2 singles and also they recorded a full album. This reel tape with 9 previously unreleased tracks plus the 4 tracks from the singles is now been released for the first time. The songs are pure modern music of the '60's,  composed with  a  lot of rhythms like surf rock, shake , ballads, etc , all of them using the greek language and recorded at Germany.
The album is released at 300 handnumbered copies, from which the first 150 copies are grey colored and the rest 150 copies black color. Also there is included a 2 page insert with bands full biography at greek and English language, plus one more unreleased band's photo. The audio master and the outersleeve were made under the supervising of Thanasis Xanthakos (Plan 59), in order to have a pure and authentic 60's outcome.
You can check the Sex-pir's album here :

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