BSR 098 Life in Cage "Life in cage"

Life in Cage
"Life in cage"

B-otherSide Records in collaboration with Vinylmania Records, proudly presents the Post Punk/Dark Wave album of "Life In Cage", at 200 hand numbered vinyls. Life In Cage were formed in 1984 at Thessaloniki (GR) and after some changes at group's line-up, they finally recorded at June of 1985 their only, self-titled album, which was also the first release of Lazy Dog Records, in tape format. In these recordings the band's members were: Hristos Skordylis (guitar), Theofilos Tsiolakakis (bass, vocals), Babis Argyriou (organ, guitar, vocals), Yiorgos Kyriakos (drums), Kosmas Alexiou (bass) and in two tracks (Necropsy, Fall in a basket full of snakes) there is a guest musician, Lazaros Pliampas (drums). Life in Cage were big fans of the dark wave sound of that era, and they delivered a nine-song masterpiece influenced by post punk sounds. They sing in English, but there are also two tracks in their native, greek language.
The release is at 200 hand numbered copies, and the sleeve is a faithful reproduction of the original artwork. The sound restoration and mastering was made from Yiannis Kyris ( There is also included a 2 page insert, including the song's lyrics, extended bio, band members photos, also clippings from the era's music press

GreekEnglish (United Kingdom)