BSR 099 Three Way Plane "Your kingdom,my life"

Three Way Plane
"Your kingdom,my life"

B-otherSide records in collaboration with Overloaded recordings, Sweetohm Recordings and Mr. Vinylios Record Store, proudly presents the indie- post hardcore trio of Three Way Plane, at their second full lp in vinyl format. Their new album "Your kingdom, my life" have a clear sound way, full of their personal infuences, between punk and indie- hardcore, through their 8 new songs (plus the previously released "Waltz for Unity and Love").
The album have been released at 200 handnumbered copies, from which the first 100 will be distributed to the record stores and the next 100 copies will be merchandised from the band at their live appearances. The album's cover is a fold-out poster so lyrics, photos and credits are included into the inner side.

GreekEnglish (United Kingdom)