BSR 114 Nurse of War "Είς τόπον χλοερόν"
Nurse of war
"Είς τόπον χλοερόν"

"Athens disco punk all the way! Nurse of War is one more of those cases that I just HAD to shout about despite my zero free time and I did so again on this blog when I had discovered their incredible 2-track single Σιδηρά Παρθένα. Some weeks later, Εις Τόπον Χλοερόν was unleashed on their bandcamp and it immediately ensnared me with its pop architecture dressed with pure rock 'n' roll feeling and '60s garage keyboards throughout. The macabre and dark sarcasm of the lyrics and the sound samples from cult greek movies heard here and there are definitely a plus, and, all in all, we're talking about a record you want to dance to under a dusted discoball until your feet are sore." (

You can stream whole record at the following link:

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