BSR 104 Their MethLab "Their MethLab"

Their MethLab
"Their MethLab"

The band Their MethLab were born at Ioannina city at 2011 and they release their first album at 2013. Their sound is a blend of post rock/ metal elements, along with psychedelic rock, creating their own unique music. They have play at live gigs with τους  Jakob (ΝΖ), Toundra (ES), Samsara Blues Experiment (DE), Elder (USA).
Their second album released at 2019 in a co-production between  Their Methlab , SweetOhm Recordings, The Lab Records, Body Blows Records, Fuzz Ink Records, B-otherSide Records and Underground Union Records.
You can hear the ful  album here :

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