BSR 105 Ballads for Murders "She is coming through the ashes"

Ballads for Murders
"She is coming through the ashes"

Βallads for Murders gathered a few years ago at Athens, Greece. They are consisted by musicians with long experience at greek rock music scene and bands like Diafana Krina, the Grain, etc.

Their members are : Zafeiris Maranos - vocals, Yiannis Kiskinis - guitar, Dimitris Zouzoulas - guitar, Pantelis Rodostoglou - bass and Yiorgos Liolios - drums. Their sound idenity is a blend of post punk, garage punk and neo-psychedelic music.
Their first album, titled " She is coming through the ashes" is released at 300 hand-numbered vinyls, including a 2 page insert with the song's lyrics. It's a co-production between B-otherSide records and Mr.Vinylios.
Release Date : Tuesday 18 June


You can listen to the whole record at the following link:

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