BSR 106 Lia Hide "Tells no fairytales"

Lia Hide
"Tells no fairytales"

B-otherSide records proudly presents the vinyl release of Lia Hide's 3rd album, titled "Tell no fairytales".
In this new recording, Lia Hide has changed her expressive ways, both in sound and form and also in lyrics; while maintaining the lyricism of her songwriting, she chooses simpler song forms, and experiments on song lengths. Carefully crafted arrangements exemplify the individuality of each band member and the sound blooms in radio-friendly dark pop landscapes. Her themes focus on social injustice and existential crisis, and sometimes, romance. Her singing versatile, with strong high notes, ethereal softness and velvet depths; always precisely articulated.
Tells no Fairytales was recorded in three studios (Kyriazis Studio, DuDuLoft and City Studios) using monumental instruments (Yamaha CP30, Mark II and Yamaha C3 Grand pianos) and was completed, mixed and engineered by the artistic craftsmanship of Yiannis Lampropoulos. Lia Hide writes all music and lyrics, plays the keys and sings, and has arranged and produced the album, alongside Aki'Base (on bass) and George Rados (on drums). Panos Papazoglou plays the guitars, while the worldwide acclaimed Irene Ketikidi (guitar) is also featured in one song (Dig Apple!). Evripides Zemenides has also co-arranged and produced two of the songs (Mantis, Keeper of Psalms).

The album was mastered by Denis Blackham of Skye Mastering (UK), who since 1969 has mastered Antony & the Johnsons, Brian Eno & David Byrne, Otis Redding, Yes, Status Quo, Black Sabbath, Cocteau Twins, Robert Plant, OMD, The Who, Roy Harper, Brett Anderson, Bee Gees, Steve Harley, Current 93, Elvis Costello, Dolly Parton,  Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers,  Jethro Tull, Cabaret Voltaire, Lush, Talk Talk, William Orbit, New Model Army, Tears for Fears, Dr Feelgood, Mike Oldfield, Buzzcocks, Ride, Stiff Little Fingers,  T. Rex, Jean Michel Jarre, Death in June, Uriah Heep, Jimi Hendrix, Vangelis, to name but a few.

You can hear the full album here :

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