BSR 119 Kostas Kapnisis "Music from Greek folk echoes"

Kostas Kapnisis
"Music from Greek folk echoes"

B-otherSide records proudly presents for first time on vinyl, a song's compilation from Kostas Kapnisis project "Music from Greek folk echoes". The album contains 20 tracks recorded at 1972 from Kostas Kapnisis and his group, performed by Petros Milas, Fryni, Xanthippi Karathanassi, Marios (Kostoglou), Tammy, Michalis Violaris, Vasia Zilou, Kleio Denardou, Alekos Mastellos & Spyros Dimisianos, Yiannis Thomopoulos, Xanthi Perraki and Eleni Vitali. The composer Kostas Kapnisis have mixed successfully traditional songs with modern rythms and rock orchestrations.
The album is released at 350 hand numbered vinyls  under license from Legend records and in co-production with Mr.Vinylios. Τhe album contains a 4 page insert with unreleased photos – a kind donation from the performers' archives, a text written from Kleio Denardou especially for this edition and a full biography of the composer Kostas Kapnisis, in greek and English language.

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