BSR 015 Grover "Hard Words" (In this Town)
"Hard Words" (In this Town)
LP + 7"
Grover – Sklires lexeis (Hard Words), S’ayti tin poli (In This Town) LP + 7’’ single
A limited edition of 310 numbered copies. It contains 19 punk-rock songs that were written from 1981 to 1991 and recorded in 2009.
Bonus tracks: “S’ayti tin poli” (In This Town) & “Monotonia” (Monotony) – live versions
Life is often quite harsh. Not only because of personal issues we’re all facing every day, but also because of things we are forced to listen and they annoy us, in many cases more than any other. But there are also times when life is fair, even though time has passed. The Grover’s case, the band from Thessaloniki, is an example.
After 20-30 years, an amount of songs that were written between 1981 and 1991 and were lively recorded only on tapes, found finally their way. These songs were re-recorded on cd in 2009 while they were circulated independently by the band itself in 2010. In 2011, however, this piece of work achieved to be recorded on a vinyl disc!
Apart from its main song list, the recording also contains two more bonus tracks that were first included in the Greek legendary compilation of 1984 named “Diataraxi Koinis Issychias”. The bonus tracks are presented not in their first studio version, but in their live version, when they were performed during the May’s 2010 band’s live performance at Eightball Club, Thessaloniki. As a result the LP, of highest vinyl’s cutting quality, contains 21 songs + a 7’’ single.
The LP constitutes mostly an inventory of the band’s first period when Grover had a punk-rock sound, rather than an entry to the new-wave approach that was dominated throughout their debut album, circulated in 1994 and formed a presentation of the band’s second period that was lasted from 1993 to 1998.
Our effort, despite the time that has passed, is driven by the wish for these songs to be finally heard. If you enjoy what you listen, as well as those who play it, then our final goal would be achieved!
Track list:
LP: 1.Sistimata (Systems)
2.Stigma (Stigma)
3.Aima kai Sperma (Blood & Sperm)
4.Zozo (Zozo)
5.O Saltapidas (The Hop-Frog)
6.Sklires lexeis (Hard Words)
7.Giati (Why)
8.Otan svinoun t’ astra (When the stars are gone out)
9.Mavra Sporia (Black Seeds)
10.Roufianoi (Squealers)
11.Osa chronia kai an perasoun (No matter how many years  
will pass)
12.Limani (Port)
13.Whiskey gia mena (Whiskey for me)
14.Aliki (Alice)
15.Kindinos (Danger)
16.Monaxia (Loneliness)
17.Voltitsa (Mini Walk)
7’’ single:  1.Metaniomenos (Repentant)
2.Roza (Roza)
3.Monotonia (Monotony)
4.S’ ayti tin poli (In This Town)
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