BSR 020 - EIRMA 06 Parthenogenesis "Parthenogenesis"





Undoubtedly, one of the Greek bands that coincided with the concept of ‘myth’ was Parthenogenesis. And that is not contingent. There are, in fact, an amount of reasons explaining such a concurrence.
Parthenogenesis was, first of all, one of the first groups in Greece that achieved to marry their hard rock influences, which legitimately were driving them, with an authentic and absolute punk way of life.

 Also, they potentially constituted the band that initiated the Greek ‘sound-culturalism’ reality into the New Wave sound. And because of their ‘explosive’ live performances given to the audience of the time, they acquired a life-lasting fame, which exists up until the present.
Additionally to that, the lack of any released material on a vinyl record contributed to the bulge of rumors regarding the band attributed them the concept of the ‘myth-band’. As a result, for more than 35 years, Parthenogenesis remained to the collective unconscious as an all-star band, which split-up before it anticipated recording anything.
This remarkable recording gap, however, attempts to fulfill the present release, which contains the solely 10 songs that were saved with lots of sound problems on a news cassette, mastered and compensated to the best of their quality. A four page inset is included and contains all the information saved (e.g. unpublished photos and press-clippings of the time) regarding the group, a postal-card with the band’s last photo, as well as an A4 print including Parthenogenesis’ Manifesto, and their official biography.
The release of 400 numbered copies, from which the first 150 are available on white color vinyl, constitutes a Lost Archives series’ co-production of B-otherside records and Eirkti.   


Translation by Kerry Karali

GreekEnglish (United Kingdom)