BSR021/WOR522/LOT005 Genia tou Chaous


On April 2009, Genia Tou Chaous appeared on club’s “Gagarin 205” stage, Athens, for a two nights’ show of the 20 years that passed since their split-up in 1989. Under a very moving and emotionally charged atmosphere, they performed live for 1 ½ hours, 29 of their songs, covering their official discography, additionally embellished it with unreleased songs and new compositions that were reformed especially for these shows.
‘B-otherside’, ‘Labyrinth of Thoughts’ and ‘Wipe Out’ records are cooperated, and together they release this LP, which includes 12 + 5 unreleased tracks, from the two nights show playlist, with special, for this release, mastering and total duration 55 minutes. The first 600 copies, from which the 200 will be on transparent vinyl while the rest on black color vinyl, will contain the DVD of the whole concert, as a gift to the band’s friends.
Translation by Kerry Karali
GreekEnglish (United Kingdom)